Sample Access Manager (SAM)

SAM is an automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C  platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility and ease of use in a small-sized biobank.

State-of-the-Art Sample Storage

 SAM is a compact, robust, localized storage system for secure sample management of up to 803 microplates  or 60,000 microtubes.  Our patented automation not only eliminates freeze-thaw cycles, but also limits any moisture introduction into the system, therefore maintaining sample integrity.  The system continuously monitors the -20°C / -80°C sample environment, even during picking, ensuring the samples never reach critical sample temperature.  

Useful for Biobanking and Drug Discovery Applications

The SAM is environmentally controlled, with a temperature range of +20°C to -40°C on the -20°C platform or -50°C to -80°C on the -80°C platform, which allows for the storage of  compounds and biological samples, such as DNA/RNA, oligonucleotides, cells, plasma, serum, tissues, proteins and bacterial clones.

Patented Technology Maintains Sample Integrity

The SAM presents a great advantage over other  -20°C / -80°C storage systems by its use of external magnetic couplers used to drive internal robotics.  This patented technology eliminates any moisture introduced within the system while maintaining sample quality and increasing system reliability. 

Feature-Rich Software

SAM's sample management software supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance to meet the rigorous demands for sample security. The interface is easy to learn and its features and capabilities have been thoroughly field-proven.  SAM maintains a complete audit trail, providing information such as who took out the sample, how long it was out, and how many times it was taken out.  These reports help a laboratory properly manage chain of custody.  Additional reports available include sample history, sample temperature, sample aging, freeze-thaw cycles, user reports, audit reports and more.

Additionally, users can be granted different levels of system operation with access restriction to specific sample sets.  Sample sets can be physically stored as a group if necessary.


Features &

  • Low temperature storage―Temperature-controlled, inert environment of +20°C to -40°C or -50°C to -80°C.
  • Sample tracking / Audit trail―Our sample management software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to meet with the rigorous demands for sample security.  The interface is easy to learn and its features and capabilities have been thoroughly field-proven.  Among the features of the sample management software are: sample history, temperature reports, sample aging, freeze-thaw cycles, user reports, audit reports, and much more.
  • Security―Users may be granted differing levels of system operation with access restriction to specific sample sets.  Sample sets can be physically stored as a group and consolidated or defragmented by implementing pick list housekeeping procedures. 
  • Backup system―We provide a standard UPS and optional LN2 backup system in case of any electrical or refrigeration failure, allowing for the utmost security of your samples.
  • Integrated tube processing module―The SAMple Picker/Puncher allows for a fast and easy way to cherry-pick or punch desired tubes or vials in a controlled, inert environment.  Tube types include Abgene, Corning, Greiner, Matrix, Micronic, Nunc and REMP. 
  • Flexible labware formats―Capable of storing microtubes, vials, vacutainers and microplates, as well as any SBS format rack up to 100mm. Each system can store up to three labware types per system, allowing for the utmost flexibility.
  • Reduces freeze-thaw cycles―By maintaining a proper temperature, each sample maintains the highest integrity.
  • Retrieves samples within entire library in <70 seconds―Our patented robotics quickly retrieve 1-D and 2-D barcoded samples.
  • Custom freezer door for increased storage capacity―Our custom design allows for more sample storage, increasing laboratory efficiency.
  • Ease of installation―The SAM System is modular and the components commonly fit into a company’s elevators and through standard laboratory doorways.  Minimal facilities work is required to accommodate the system minimizing installation costs and time to commission.  Additionally, the system is designed such that it can be rapidly disassembled and moved to a new location, with minimal disruption and re-installation effort.


  • Biobanking
  • Virus banking
  • Forensics
  • DNA and RNA research
  • Drug discovery
  • Compound storage
  • Life science research
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Genotyping



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