LabElite DeCapper

Hamilton's new LabElite product line offers laboratories with easy, efficient and flexible benchtop solutions to process and track samples in a workflow.

The next-generation DeCapper is an innovative, easy-to-use device that provides automated decapping/capping of tubes in 48- or 96-tube racks in portrait or landscape formats.


  • Decap 48- or 96-tube racks with internal and external threads from all common labware suppliers
  • Process a full rack of tubes or row of tubes in portrait or landscape format within one device (patent pending)

Sample Security

  • New secure processing mode provides sample security by minimizing the time a tube is opened—only one row is processed at a time by holding caps after decapping and then immediately recapping
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination by not moving over opened tubes


  • Touchscreen panel provides easy navigation through the system
  • New turntable allows rack to be turned after decapping for better positioning in pipetting workflows



For Sales and Product information, contact 800-310-5866